Case Studies

Some of the most rewarding messages we receive are thank you letters from fans, book readers, and training participants who have used the skills and principles to change their lives, relationships, and personal results. Read a few below and see what we mean.

  • How Peter Dawson Lost One Hundred Pounds and Kept It Off

    Peter Dawson

    I realized that success is only measured by continual improvement. You're going to have bad days, but you have to learn to 'turn bad days into good data.' The Six Sources of Influence really work. I'm a living testament.

    It's so easy to mistake success for a one-time accomplishment," says Peter. "But habits always creep back in. I realized that success is only measured by continual improvement. You're going to have bad days, but you have to learn to 'turn bad days into good data.' The Six Sources of Influence and principles in Change Anything really work. I'm a living testament.

    Read Peter Dawson's Story
  • A Marriage Saved

    Jenna K.

    Our lives have improved about a million percent and I would have been remiss if I did't let you know how appreciated you are.

    Recently, my life partner and I were staring at the very last unraveling threads of our relationship. I had already filed for a custody hearing and he was preparing to find another place to live. We were both so completely mired in contempt and anger that we couldn't see an inch in front of our

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  • How Patty Loeffler And Her Family Lost 300 Pounds


    By using the change plan found in Change Anything, Patty shattered a long history of failure to lose weight.

    Patty and her family built a comprehensive change plan, using vital behaviors and The Six Sources of Influence™ to lose nearly 300 pounds.

    Read PATTY LOEFFLER's Story
  • Community Influence: Saved A Failing Middle School


    Our lives have improved about a million percent and I would have been remiss if I did't let you know how appreciated you are.

    Through a targeted influence effort, Tim helped transform his children's failing middle school into a nationally-recognized institution.

    Read TIM STAY, OREM, UTAH's Story
  • Personal Influence: Dropped 45 Pounds


    Through adopting two vital behaviors, Meagan Palmer has lost 45 pounds and is leading a happier, healthier life for herself and her family.

    To drop 45 pounds, Meagan Palmer targeted six sources of influence to adopt two vital behaviors that would inevitably lead to weight loss.

  • Community Influence: Helped the Poor Save $4.6 Million

    Bill Hulterstrom, Provo, Utah

    People are now bragging about the good deal they got instead of bragging about the new car they got. We're changing the cultural thinking about saving.

    Bill Hulterstrom and his team at the United Way created a culture of saving among the working poor using six sources of influence.

    Read Bill Hulterstrom, Provo, Utah's Story
  • Corporate Influence: Transformed Corporate Culture at MaineGeneral Health

    Patrice Putman, Augusta, Maine

    Under the leadership of Patrice Putman, the corporate culture at MaineGeneral Health has been transformed from a culture of silence to a culture of candid and respectful dialogue.

    Using six sources of influence, Patrice Putman transformed corporate culture at MaineGeneral Health from one of a culture of silence to a culture of candid and respectful dialogue.

    Read Patrice Putman, Augusta, Maine's Story
  • Surviving the Daily Commute

    Sheryl Brining, Bethesda, MD

    I cannot express how much of a difference this has made in my daily commute...It was not easy, but I gave myself the time to figure it out, had confidence I could figure it out, and kept trying.

    Sheryl identified the vital behaviors for overcoming her anger and made life-changing behavior adjustments.

    Read Sheryl Brining, Bethesda, MD's Story
  • Healthcare: Accountability in the Operating Room

    George Watson, M.D., Fallon, Nevada

    Crucial Accountability Training has given me the skills to know what to do when I'm in the middle of a high-stakes accountability discussion.

    By holding his colleagues accountable, Dr. Watson helped save the lives of a woman and her baby when she went into premature labor.

    Read George Watson, M.D., Fallon, Nevada's Story
  • Healthcare: Being Patient

    Phyllis Julian, Knoxville, Tennessee

    Challenging a doctor can be done appropriately and nonabrasively.

    Phyllis used her crucial conversations skills to challenge a doctor and ensure her husband received the right treatment.

    Read Phyllis Julian, Knoxville, Tennessee's Story
  • Diplomacy: Crucial Conversations at the United Nations

    Marilu Southam, Geneva, Switzerland

    I expressed my belief that it was possible to be both candid and respectful in presenting delicate information.

    Marilu used her crucial conversations skills to present delicate information on child abduction, safety, and sex slavery to the United Nations.

    Read Marilu Southam, Geneva, Switzerland's Story
  • Healthcare: Nursing Crucial Conversations

    Crystal Diggs, RN, Clearwater, Florida

    I made a safer, healthier environment for my patients, my coworkers and myself.

    Crystal used her crucial conversations skills to provide better care to her patients and gain respect at work.

    Read Crystal Diggs, RN, Clearwater, Florida's Story
  • Healthcare: Increasing Patient Satisfaction

    Jerry Maliot, M.D, Memphis, Tennessee

    In the healthcare environment, crucial conversations are real, they're up front, and they happen all the time.

    Dr. Maliot used crucial conversations skills with a colleague to ensure his patient received the best care.

    Read Jerry Maliot, M.D, Memphis, Tennessee's Story
  • Personal Relationships: Strengthening Family Ties with Crucial Conversations

    Kathy Williams-Palmer, Garland, Texas

    The process brought out in Crucial Conversations works even when the wounds are as deep as mine.

    Through a crucial conversation, Kathy restored a broken relationship with her mother after years of anger and resentment.

    Read Kathy Williams-Palmer, Garland, Texas's Story
  • Public Service: Navigating Through Community Conflicts

    Milt Haken, Nenana, Alaska

    Crucial Conversations gave us the skills to navigate through muddy waters and reach a win-win situation.

    Milt diffused anger within his community by using crucial conversations skills to deal with a politically risky issue.

    Read Milt Haken, Nenana, Alaska's Story
  • From Marriage to Management: Crucial Conversations That Work

    Clara Burns, Boulder, Colorado

    As a result of applying the crucial conversations skills, I have experienced significant improvements in my relationship with my boss, increased confidence at work, and feel greater mutual respect.

    Clara used crucial conversations skills to come to agreement on divorce terms and improve her relationship with her boss.

    Read Clara Burns, Boulder, Colorado's Story
  • Personal Relationships: Fostering Crucial Conversations

    Rebecca Howland, Salt Lake City, Utah

    Every relationship improved as a result of this crucial conversation.

    Rebecca improved relationships with the mother of her foster children by using crucial conversations skills to establish safety.

    Read Rebecca Howland, Salt Lake City, Utah's Story
  • Personal Relationships: Discussing Weighty Issues

    Sandra Oliver, LaCrescent, Minnesota

    By utilizing crucial conversations skills with my daughters, I have achieved success with issues that have been unapproachable until now.

    Sandra improved her relationship with her teenage daughters by using crucial conversations skills to talk about their weight.

    Read Sandra Oliver, LaCrescent, Minnesota's Story
  • Engineering and Purchasing: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

    Tom Ehrenberg, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

    I had three months to turn things around or I was gone. Crucial Conversations gave me the tools to fix the problem.

    Tom, who had a long history of anger management issues, used crucial conversations skills to change his communication style and save his job.

    Read Tom Ehrenberg, Sheboygan, Wisconsin's Story
  • Education: How Do You Spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

    Lisa Salmon, Leichhardt, Australia

    I have continued to hold my position respectfully and firmly.

    Lisa almost quit her job, but through a crucial conversation, established mutual respect with her disruptive headmaster.

    Read Lisa Salmon, Leichhardt, Australia's Story
  • Customer Service: Serving Customers One Crucial Conversation at a Time

    Diane M., New York, New York

    When I mastered my emotions and restored safety, the result was that the customer was pleased with the service he got from me. He felt someone had actually given him the respect he wanted and deserved.

    In the heat of a crucial conversation, Diane mastered her emotions and solved a problem for a frustrated customer.

    Read Diane M., New York, New York's Story
  • Healthcare: Crucial Conversations with a Coworker

    Terri Mathew, Portland, Maine

    Without Crucial Conversations Training and the Mastery Mission, I know our conversation would have escalated to an argument and we wouldn't have accomplished anything.

    Terri used the Crucial Conversations Mastery Mission to plan out a difficult conversation with her coworker - saving their working relationship.

    Read Terri Mathew, Portland, Maine's Story
  • Employee Relations: Saving Jobs with Crucial Conversations

    Erich Steinbock, St. Louis, Missouri

    As employees talked with their managers... they came to realize that this was an opportunity to learn new skills, ensure job security, and advance in their career.

    Erich used crucial conversations skills to avoid laying off current employees in the midst of an economic downturn. The program became a benchmark in his company for strengthening relationships with employees and customers.

    Read Erich Steinbock, St. Louis, Missouri's Story
  • Personal Relationships: Discovering What You Really Want

    Michele Wilson, Dayton, Ohio

    My relationship with my husband and my family has greatly improved because, in the middle of a difficult and crucial conversation, I was willing to stop and ask myself, �What do I really want?'

    In the middle of a tense conversation with her husband, Michele used crucial conversations skills to discover what she really wanted and find a home that was perfect for her whole family.

    Read Michele Wilson, Dayton, Ohio's Story
  • Personal Relationships: Overcoming Abusive Conversations

    Cathy W., Indianapolis, Indiana

    I have used these crucial skills in many situations, and know through first-hand experience that I can not only master the stories that kept me locked in old behaviors, but I can also reduce stress and gain renewed confidence in my day-to-day conversations and decisions.

    Cathy used crucial conversations skills to overcome past physical and emotional abuse, and improve relationships with her children.

    Read Cathy W., Indianapolis, Indiana's Story